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Monthly Services

Monthly Budgeting


  • Create a budget to keep track of expected revenue and expenses

  • Compare and point out items that are off track. Adjust budget as needed.


  • Keep inventory records updated

  • Reordering warning services available

Personal Financials

  • Create a budget

  • Track your bank transactions 

  • Meet, phone call or do a zoom meeting talk about the reports

One-Time Services

One-Time Accounting Software Set up

  • Set up a cloud file system.

  • Customize Chart of Accounts.

  • Move old information to QuickBooks online.

  • One time in person or zoom meeting.

Real Estate Investor QB Set Up $150

  • Go over real estate investor checklist.

  • Help setting up QB Online and go over accounting reports.

  • One time in person or zoom meeting (3 hours max).

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